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Fleet Fuel Cards

All Fleet Management vehicles include a fuel card for the purchase of fuel for the vehicles only.  This limits costs to the department and University due to reduced fuel taxes, as well as, the on campus availability of less expensive fuel.  Our onsite fueling location can be as much as 60 cents cheaper per gallon when compared to retail locations.  When returning short term rental vehicles, please use this fuel card when filling the vehicle onsite before returning the keys to the electronic key box.ari-fuel-card-checkboard-pattern-large

WEX Fuel Card – Points to Remember

  • Purchase fuel at Fleet ManagementOur fuel is delivered in bulk to our location and is often 40 to 50 cents cheaper per gallon. Skip the coffee at Pilot and fuel onsite with us.
  • Record the accurate odometerDo not include the decimal! The odometer entries are very valuable for fleet data collection and is closely tied to our service schedules.
  • Do not purchase premium fuelAll Fleet Management owned vehicles are designed to operate using the regular grade fuel – E10.
  • Use the appropriate cardIt is very important that fuel for vehicles is not purchased on a temp card. Vehicle cards are only for fuel for vehicles.  Temp cards are only for bulk purchases (5 gallon containers, lawn mowers, etc.)
  • Do not use a temp/bulk card to fill Fleet Management owned vehicles. The service schedule for your vehicle is tied to the amount of fuel burned by the engine.  If fuel is purchased through others means, it will affect servicing.
  • Fleet Management ListservAll future correspondences regarding Fleet Management activities will be conveyed via the UT ListServ – “FleetMG”. If you want to be made aware of upcoming changes, please sign up at or email


Our ARI/WEX fuel card provider offers two helpful tools to help locate stations while off campus: the Wex Fuel Location Site and the Wex Connect  App for your smart phone.  **Be sure and select the “Fuel” site type.  The “Service” sites do not subscribe to our current fuel cards**  Both options will allow you to search for fuel based on city, state, or zip code.  It can also list locations that offer diesel fuel.  If you use the app, it can find the closest station based on your location.  This is a very helpful tool especially for those of us who travel out of state.  Keep these handy!