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Billing Documentation

Our billing documentation has migrated to a new Teams channel.

Please use the following link to access the site – Fleet Management Billing Page.  The files should be posted shortly after the charges are applied to the ledgers.

FY 23 – February’s business on March’s Ledger link

FY 23 – January’s business on February’s Ledger link

FY 23 – December’s business on January’s Ledger link

FY 23 – November’s business on December’s Ledger link

FY 23 – October’s business on November’s Ledger link

FY 23 – September’s business on October’s Ledger link

FY 23 – August’s business on September’s Ledger link

FY 23 – July’s business on August’s Ledger link


FY 22 – June’s business on JUNE’s Ledger link

FY 22 – May’s business on June’s Ledger link

FY 22 – April’s business on May’s Ledger link

FY 22 – March’s business on April’s Ledger link



*It is recommended to open the link to Teams in the Chrome browser.  This streamlines the process of downloading the documentation and searching for the needed account number.*

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Fleet Management Business Office at 865.974.2134 (option 4) or  Thank you.