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Billing Documentation

As part of UT’s migration from public-facing websites towards the new Employee HUB, all billing documentation has been moved to the Parking and Transportation Intranet site.

Fleet Management Hub link

You can also find our Intranet site by searching for “Fleet” via the Employee Hub search bar.

Employee Hub link

The Hub is only accessible to faculty and staff.

Billing documentation will no longer be updated on this site (as of our Jan ’24 billing) and all previous files will be removed from this site shortly after the full transition to the Employee HUB is complete.



1. Fleet Management’s billing charges are charged the month after the charges are accrued.  This requires that you search through the previous month’s backup to find charges on your current month’s ledger.  Ex. Backup for your April ledger charges will be located in the March’s business file.

2.  Always download the entire TEAMS folder including all charges.  It is much easier to search for your account number once the folder has downloaded.

FY 24 – January’s business on February’s ledger

FY 24 – December’s business on January’s ledger link

FY 24 – November’s business on December’s ledger link

FY 24 – October’s business on November’s ledger link

FY 24 – September’s business on October’s ledger link

FY 24 – August’s business on September’s ledger link

FY 24 – July’s business on August’s Ledger link


FY 23 – JUNE’S business on JUNE’S Ledger link

FY 23 – May’s business on June’s Ledger link

FY 23 – April’s business on May’s Ledger link

FY 23 – March’s business on April’s Ledger link

FY 23 – February’s business on March’s Ledger link



*It is recommended to open the link to Teams in the Chrome browser or the Teams app.  This streamlines the process of downloading the documentation and searching for the needed account number.*

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Fleet Management Business Office at 865.974.2134 (option 4) or  Thank you.

Our billing documentation has migrated to a new Teams channel.

Please use the following link to access the site – Fleet Management Billing Page.  The files should be posted shortly after the charges are applied to the ledgers.