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Vehicle Acquisitions and Auctions

Vehicle Acquisitions

All vehicle acquisitions for the Knoxville campus are required to be processed through Fleet Management.  This allows for accurate record keeping and routine processing.  Please contact our office (865.974.2134) for guidelines and procedures.  We will be more than happy to assist you with your vehicle purchasing needs. 

Generic steps to vehicle acquisition:

1. To aid in the vehicle procurement process, it is recommended that a department “build” a vehicle via a manufacturer’s website.  This allows the department to spec the exact items that it needs in the vehicle and avoids timely and costly up-fitting after the vehicle arrives. The completed build can then be sent to Fleet Management (FM) to obtain a quote from our statewide contract vendors.

2. FM will forward the vehicle quote from the vendor to the department for confirmation.

3. If the department agrees to the quote, the vehicle is ordered by FM from the vendor.

4.  A formal management agreement will be sent out to the Dean/Director/Department head confirming the vehicle order and FM management plan enrollment.

5.  Vehicle delivery can vary greatly between 6 weeks to 9 months.  It is not a quick process!  An average time expectancy is closer to 4 months from time of order.  Please be patient at this stage.

6.  Once the vehicle arrives, it will be prepped for use including an inspection, fuel card order, registration and license plate order, and UT decal/numbering installation.

7.  Once the entire vehicle is complete, the department will be contacted to collect their vehicle.


Fleet Management auctions vehicles through UT Knoxville Warehousing Services. Please contact Warehousing for more information – 865.974.7925.  Warehousing Site

If you represent a UT department and wish to purchase a new or used vehicle directly, please contact Jake Turner at 974.2134.