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Request a Vehicle/Register as User


  • Register HERE FIRST
  • SECOND, wait for approval email
  • THIRD, use reservation portal


  • *You MUST register as a user before you can rent or return a vehicle.
  • *We will not issue a key to a driver who is not registered in our system.  Additionally, we will not provide a confirmation number without the reservation originators’ verbal permission.
  • *All submissions are approved during normal business hours.
    • After hours & weekend submissions processed the following business day.

Short Term Vehicle Rentals

To request a vehicle for temporary use – (less than 12 months):

Online Reservation Portal

*For assistance with first log-in, please contact Fleet Management at 974.2134

After completing your online reservation, you will receive TWO emails:

  • FIRST email is only the request confirmation. (Code will start with “R”)
  • SECOND email is the reservation confirmation. (Code will start with “1”)


  • You DO NOT have a confirmed vehicle, until you receive the SECOND email!


      • It is imperative that vehicles are returned on schedule as the next renter may be scheduled to pick up shortly after the first rental!  Late returns will include a one day charge.

      • If the requested vehicle type is not available, Fleet Management will contact the department to present further options.  These options could include a different vehicle type or an Enterprise rental vehicle.
      • Ensure you bring your driver’s license when picking up a rental vehicle.
      • In the event that Fleet Management cannot supply the requested vehicle, we will initiate a rental through Enterprise to ease in the rental process. The Enterprise vehicle will need to be picked up and dropped off at their location. The costs for the Enterprise rentals will be based on the state contract rate and fuel will not be included in the price. However, fuel can be purchased through the use of a Fleet Management-provided temporary fuel card.  The costs will be passed through to the renting department via interdepartmental transfer. If a Fleet Management vehicle becomes available it will be substituted for the Enterprise vehicle.


Long Term Lease Vehicles – Form

If a department requires a vehicle for twelve months or longer, the department can apply for a long term lease vehicle.  The monthly long term lease rates are generally less expensive than the short term rates.  There are several steps to complete this process.

      1. The requesting department must complete the Long Term Use Request form and submit it to Fleet Management via email –
      2. If Fleet Management has a vehicle available to suit the needs of the department, Fleet Management will complete a new lease agreement for the vehicle. Fleet Management will forward the lease agreement for signatures via DocuSign to the emails provided by the requesting department.
      3. Once the lease agreement is signed and completed by all parties via DocuSign and the vehicle is prepped and ready for the receiving department, Fleet Management will contact the department to schedule a pick up date for the vehicle.

3rd Party Charter Bus Services – Link

Effective May 1, 2022 all Charter service is now being coordinated by by UT Parking & Transportation Services – Transit Division.  Please visit their website or give them a call at 865.974.6031 for assistance with bus requests.