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News – Updated 04/06/2021

  • The NEW Parking Pass automatically prints when the key is pulled from the keybox.
  • If the parking pass does NOT print, Fleet Management staff can reprint it for you.
    • The former “yellow sheet” inspection form will no longer be provided inside the rental vehicle.
    • You must have the new updated parking pass to leave a personal vehicle onsite.

    As a reminder –

      • It is imperative that vehicles are returned on schedule as the next renter may be scheduled to pick up shortly after the first rental!  Late returns will include a one day charge.



    The new electronic key box is officially up and running at Fleet Management.  Keys can now be retrieved from (and returned to) the key box outside of business hours.  Access to the box is gained by entering the personnel number of the name of the renter.  Charges are assessed from the time the keys are removed until the time the keys are returned.  It’s very important to be sure and return the vehicle by the requested time period, as the next renter may be waiting on the vehicle.  Any additional costs incurred by returning a vehicle after the scheduled time may be charged to the department that was late returning the vehicle.



    The State of Tennessee has modified the process involved with accident reporting.  Please see the Accident Reporting page or contact Risk Management for more information.


    Fleet Management has begun to swap out all WEX fuel cards for UT vehicles.  Your department should be contacted in the coming weeks to discuss the best way to issue the new fuel cards.  The current fuel cards are slated to be deactivated near the end of August.  Please contact Rose Rita Cooper at 865.974.2134 for more information.



    Fleet Management is launching a new online reservation system and a process change for short term rental needs on April 2nd, 2018.  The system will be browser based and every active Knoxville employee will be able to log in and use the site.

    If reservations are placed online by the renter, the previously required “vehicle order form” requirement will be waived – no signatures or paperwork will be required!  However, by reserving the vehicle through the online platform, the individual making the request is stating the rental is approved by their department and they are concurring with fiscal policies 0725 and 0705.  It is strongly recommended by Fleet Management to copy the department approver on the confirmation notification email.

    If the reservation is placed through Fleet Management directly instead of reserving online, the vehicle order form will still be required for pick up!

    The link to the reservation system and additional information can be found on the “Request a Vehicle” page found on .  After completing a reservation, a confirmation number will be supplied via email to the renter’s email, as well as, the additional notification email address.

    This new option should allow departments more flexibility when making reservations since reservations can be made 24/7 and do not require calling Fleet Management directly. There are two key points to remember, however:

    1. For reservations or changes made within 24 hours of the scheduled pick up, the individual making the request must contact Fleet Management to ensure there are no issues or delays with the reservation.
    2. Additionally, while reservations can be placed 24/7, the keys can still only be retrieved during office hours (M-F, 8am to 5pm).

    All rental requests made online will be confirmed, however, if a UT rental vehicle is not available, Fleet Management may substitute an Enterprise vehicle for use.  The state contract rates will apply.

    Bus rentals will not be made via the online reservation system and individuals will still need to contact Fleet Management directly to arrange these trips.

    For more information or assistance, please reach out to Fleet Management at 865.974.2134.



    Exciting news from Fleet Management!

    Parking of personal vehicles for short term rentals will now be permitted on the Fleet Management lot.  Fleet Management will begin offering specialized parking permits on September 5, 2017.  Only one permit will be issued per rental.  Please contact Fleet Management for more details!

    Valet service hours will be moved to 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.



    Big changes are coming starting July 1, 2017!  Read this message for full details!


    In our continuing effort to provide excellent service to the University we have added a receipt printer at our fuel pumps. This will provide transactional fuel data to the departments on the spot. The receipt printer is yet another addition to our process improvements to increase efficiency, and to aid the departments in reconciling fuel purchases. The printer is located on the side of the fuel card kiosk for your convenience. If you have any questions please ask one of the Fleet Management personnel, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



    If you rent a short term use vehicle, you MUST present your CURRENT driver’s license to a Fleet Management employee.  This might seem like a surprising thing to say, but apparently people do drive vehicles without having their license on their person.  Please don’t be that person.  Thank you.



    For emergency roadside assistance for rental and lease vehicles, please contact 1.866.274.1023.  This new phone line has been specially setup for UT employees to aid in roadside assistance issues.  Preventative maintenance issues (oil changes, etc.) are not included in the emergency roadside assistance program.



    We are in the process of swapping out the older “blue” fuel cards for the newer “grey” fuel cards.  Please contact Fleet Management to arrange pickup or shipment of the new fuel cards – 865.974.2134 or


    WEX Fuel Card – Points to Remember

    • Same process to operateThere are no changes to the process to purchase fuel. Only the plastic card has changed.
    • Keep the ARI Roadside packet This packet is still active to assist if Fleet Management is unavailable in cases of vehicle issues.
    • Purchase fuel at Fleet ManagementOur fuel is delivered in bulk to our location and is often 40 to 50 cents cheaper per gallon. Skip the coffee at Pilot and fuel onsite with us.
    • Record the accurate odometerDo not include the decimal! The odometer entries are very valuable for fleet data collection and is closely tied to our service schedules.
    • Do not purchase premium fuelAll Fleet Management owned vehicles are designed to operate using the regular grade fuel. Any premium fuel purchases will be passed back to the leasing departments.
    • Use the appropriate cardIt is very important that fuel for vehicles is not purchased on a temp card. Vehicle cards are only for fuel for vehicles.  Temp cards are only for bulk purchases.
    • Do not use a temp/bulk card to fill Fleet Management owned vehicles. Your lease payment currently includes fuel.  All bulk card purchases are forwarded to the department.  Do not pay twice for fuel!
    • Fleet Management ListservAll future correspondences regarding Fleet Management activities will be conveyed via the UT ListServ – “FleetMG”. If you want to be made aware of upcoming changes, please sign up at



    Risk Management has updated the driver’s accident report.  You can review it here.



    Check out the TN Today article from June 14th!  There will be significant changes to our short term rental rates!



    There are several changes taking effect on July 1, 2016 for Fleet Management.  Please read this memo from the director of Fleet Management, Cris Taylor, for more information.



    As many departments are aware, we are in the process of a GPS roll out for all Fleet Management rental and lease vehicles.  We expect these tools to greatly benefit Fleet Management, renting departments, and the University as a whole.  Please see this memo from Cris Taylor, Director of Fleet Management.

    Instructions for using the GPS fob can be found here.



    Starting on July 1, 2016, Fleet Management will be assessing a 5% markup on the total cost on all bus reservations to cover costs of operations.



    Now is a perfect time of year to reserve our compact and midsize SUVs.  They are 4×4 and spacious for your safety and transporting needs.



    For purchases made with the WEX temp card please record the odometer entry as 999999.



    Our new fuel card providers off two helpful tools to help locate stations while off campus.  The Wex Fuel Location Site and the Wex Connect  App for your smart phone.  Both options will allow you to search for fuel based on city, state, or zip code.  It can also list locations that offer diesel fuel.  If you use the app, it can find the closest station based on your location.  This is a very helpful tool especially for those of us who travel out of state.  Keep these handy!



    We currently have several midsize SUVs (Ford Explorers) available for rental or lease.  Feel free to call for more information.



    Please read about the new Wex fuel card policy here.




    Starting November 30th, 2015 the office will be open from 8am to 5pm.  The service center will be open from 7am to 5pm.  If valet service is required, we ask the request be made before 4:45pm.



    The software used by Fleet Management for rental vehicles and the monthly billing has failed.  Our software is being reset to the beginning of the month.  We recommend verifying any requests or changes that have been made since the beginning of October 2015.  Feel free to contact us at or 865.974.1992.  We hope our software will be repaired and up and running on Monday November 2nd.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.



    Fleet Management has been initiating new practices and products since the beginning of the year that should increase the effectiveness and benefit for departments. One upcoming adjustment will be the operating hours for the entire department. Starting November 30th, 2015 the office and service center will be open from 8am to 5pm. We are installing new hardware so that you will have access to the fuel island 24/7. If our valet service is required please plan accordingly. We kindly ask that you request valet pickups before 4:45pm.

    The current UT vehicle fuel cards (Voyager, FleetOne, and Rogers) are being consolidated and replaced with a new single fuel card provided by Wex. This card will still be tied to individual vehicles, but a new six digit PIN will be utilized – the UT personnel number of the individual fueling the vehicle. Our department is expecting an early December release date for the new fuel cards. As you can imagine, it is a large undertaking working with departments to make sure they receive their cards. We appreciate your patience and assistance with this process.

    Departments and drivers should also be expecting a new roadside assistance package that will be placed in the vehicle’s glove box. Currently, drivers would contact the roadside assistance offered through the vehicle manufacturers. This new offering will be a more convenient and helpful option that will involve Automotive Resources International (ARI) that will assist with all aspects of the situation from lock out services to emergency rental vehicles. Further information will be supplied with the roadside assistance packets when they arrive.

    Finally, beginning in the first quarter of 2016, Fleet Management will roll out a new software system that will replace the very dated software currently in use. Many changes will be taking place with this new system including a new receipt delivery process and an online portal for vehicle reservations. This software represents a capstone to several positive decisions and changes that should increase the value of Fleet Management to Knoxville campus departments as well as Chattanooga, Tullahoma, and individuals across the state.



    Starting July 27th, 2015 Fleet Management will be initiating a last minute cancellation fee for vehicles cancelled without 24 hour notice. The cancellation fee amount will be based per vehicle on the daily rate.