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How important is it to return my short term rental vehicle on time?

It is imperative that the vehicles are returned on or before the scheduled return time.  Vehicle rentals are scheduled back-to-back, and if the vehicle is not returned on time, the second renter will not have access to their requested vehicle.  This will cause unnecessary stress and costs on the second renter.  **Late return of the rental vehicle (after the scheduled reservation time) will reflect an additional one day charge.**  If you realize that you will be late to return the vehicle, please contact Fleet Management ASAP during office hours.


What are the operating hours of Fleet Management?

The office is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm when the campus is open. The service center is open from 7:30am to 4:30pm.  The fuel island is self service and available 24 hours a day.  Short term vehicle keys can be accessed and returned after hours using the electronic key box.  Short term vehicle keys can be accessed up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled reservation.

Should I bring and have in my possession a valid/non-expired driver’s license?
All drivers must follow UT fiscal policies and all applicable laws when operating a vehicle and are therefore expected to have a valid driver’s license on their person when retrieving a key or operating a University owned vehicle.


May I park my personal vehicle at Fleet Management’s location?

Yes!  There is limited parking onsite with a valid Fleet Management parking permit ONLY.  A parking pass will be automatically printed at the time the vehicle key is removed from the key box.
This pass, (when placed on the dash), will allow a single personal vehicle to park onsite during the reservation time period. The parking lot will be policed by Parking Services.  All UT Knoxville parking policies apply.

If I lose a fuel card, what should I do?

Contact Fleet Management ASAP at 865-974-2134 to report the loss or theft. Please be able to provide the UT vehicle number associated with the card to help us identify the card in question.

What if a vehicle problem or emergency occurs during my trip?

For vehicles obtained from the Knoxville campus, contact Fleet Management during business hours at 865-974-2134 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If it is after office hours or a weekend, please see the After Hours/Emergency procedures page on the Fleet Management website – [After Hours/Emergency].

If operating an Enterprise vehicle provided through Fleet Management, contact Enterprise directly for information on how to proceed – 1-800-307-6666.

Enterprise account code for business use – XZ56187

Enterprise account code for personal use – XZ568A2

Where may I park a UT vehicle on campus?

You may park in any parking area except those that are reserved, ADA accessible parking, or fire lanes.  However, if in doubt, call Parking Services at 865.974.6031.

Will a twelve-passenger van go in a parking garage?

No! Do not drive the 12 passenger vans into parking garages!  Damage to vehicles due to clearance issues will be charged to the renting department.

Who may drive a UT vehicle?

Any “authorized driver” as defined by fiscal policy who registered with the University of Tennessee IRIS system and possessing a valid driver’s license. For more info see fiscal policy 0725.

Can my spouse or another non–UT employee drive the vehicle or travel with me?

Non employees, including employees’ spouses, are not permitted to drive a UT vehicle. These individuals may travel with you, but only in accordance with fiscal policy 0725.  Please contact Risk Management for details about insurance coverage of passengers.

Do I need to return the vehicle with a full fuel tank?

Yes – All short term rentals must filled upon arrival using our fuel island.  Fleet Management procures fuel at a lower cost than commercial stations, so refueling the vehicle after you return helps reduce fuel costs for your department and the University. Fueling the vehicle also ensures the common courtesy that the next renter will start their trip with a full tank.  *Failure to refuel the vehicle will result in an additional labor charge*

What procedures do I follow when returning a UT vehicle?

Top off the vehicle’s fuel tank at our location, and then park in any of the numbered spots behind the building.  Do not leave the vehicle running or block access to the fuel pumps!  Blocking the pump may incur a large personal fine from Knox County!  The final step is to return the keys to the electronic key boxes.

Can I pay for the vehicle rental with my personal credit card or UT-issued Procurement Card?

Vehicle rental charges are only processed via internal transfer to a cost center (E*) or WBS element (R*) through IRIS, so they cannot be paid by credit card or procurement card.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

Contact Fleet Management at 865-974-2134 as soon as possible before the scheduled pickup time. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled pickup time are subject to a one day rental charge cancellation fee per vehicle.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Call Fleet Management at 865-974-2134 or email